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London 2014

Our London Journey started on early Monday, 7th July 2014, at the Gymnasium Unterrieden. We knew we had a long busride ahead and we were really looking forward to the following week. In the evening, at around 7 pm, we arrived at the parking lot a little bit outside of London, where our guest families picked us up.

bild01 awaiting the ferry in Calais

Awaiting the ferry in Calais

The next morning our programme started and we first went by bus to the city of London. We made a London walk in some groups and we visited lots of sights for example The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, The Horseguards, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

bild02 posing in front of the houses of parliament

Posing infront of the Houses of Parliament.

bild03 admiring the gothicism of westminster abbey

Admiring the gothicism of Westminster Abbey.
bild04 watching the daily parade of the guardsWatching the daily parade of the guards.
bild05 staring at the colourful advertisements at piccadilly circusStaring at the colourful advertisements at Piccadily Circus.
bild06 trying to stand still in front of the Thames and the TowerTrying to stand still in front of the Thames and the Tower.

After this we travelled by tube to Camden Market. At Camden Market we had some free time and we could look around the market. Later we walked along the canal to Primrose Hill, from where we had a great view over London. After a long day we arrived, really exhausted but also very excited about our great day in London, in our guest families.

On our second day we went to Madame Tussauds in the morning. There were lots of people but you could look at the wax figures and they really looked like the famous people. After Madame Tussauds we had some group activities for example the Olympic Park, London Eye or the Chelsea Stadion. My group went on a bus tour with Ms Köppel along Oxford street and she also showed us where the Muscial was, because we had to be there in the evening. After that we had a lot of free time so we could look around the great shops on Oxford street or we could eat something. We met at 6 pm at the Musical Mamma Mia. Even if some of us were really tired from the long day the Musical was really great and they sang really good. After the Musical we returned by bus to the parking lot where our guest families picked us up.

On Thursday we made a day trip to Brighton, where we first walked along the cliffs walk with a great seaview. After that we had free time and we ate something and looked around the city. In the afternoon we made a treasure hunt, where we got to know the town by answering questions, taking photos or collecting some things. Even if it rained a lot we had much fun and we had a really great day in Brighton.

bild07 strolling along Brighton pier  beside the seaside Strolling along Brighton pier beside the seaside.
bild08 winning the Brighton Treasure HuntWinning the Brighton Treasure Hunt.

The week passed really too fast and our last day was about to come: In the morning we went to the Tower Bridge to take our group photo and after that we went in groups into several museums. After the museums we had some time to walk through London or eat something or go shopping. At the end we made a boat trip on the Thames to Greenwich. And our bus picked us up in Greenwich and our long journey back to Germany started. Even if we were happy to see our families and come home we had a really really great time in London and we say thank you to all the teachers who went with us and allowed us this great time.

bild09 accompanied by the teachers

Accompanied by the teachers.
Report by Laura Eckert & Juliane Zuck (9d)
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